The advantages of The HR-Ecosystem
For SMEs

Why choose platfohrm

As an SME, getting access to the latest HR developments is challenging. You may not be able to negotiate prices as much, you may not have the right knowledge in house and sometimes you may not have permanent staff working on HR.

Cooperation makes you stronger. Platfohrm helps you to find the right partners to innovate and grow. We help your SME to get in touch with HR suppliers and HR experts.

The whole is more than the sum of its parts. Platfohrm brings together the SMEs that are customers and can thus negotiate more lucrative prices.

What do we do?

We connect you with our HR caretaker and PlatfohrmGo software. In turn, we connect our caretakers with the right HR suppliers, so that you can always offer a wide range of HR solutions.

advantages of flatfohrm
for the management

advantages of flatfohrm
for executives

advantages of flatfohrm
for HR Management & Administration

advantages of flatfohrm
for employees